Saturday, December 31, 2016

Time to stand,time to shine, time to walk away, history to note, classes on the beach.

 Make Me Say it Again girl: Earth Angels, Birds And Butterflies, Songs Played.Amen GOOD FATHER AFTERNOON LOVE ONES❤️HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY? BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, LIFT UP AND GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD...Ways To Go, Houses, Homes, Veterans On The Streets, Getting Up, Battles To Win. 
Green Lights, Trees To Woods, Spiders and Snakes, in the dark. Gifts to share, tales in the air, monkeys to dodge, good time, classes under the trees. Time to take a minute or two, recapitulation to do, lessons learned the first time. Practice not to fail, life lessons on love and hate, joys and pains, joys and pleasures.  

Tales in the air, balls in the air, monkeys and snakes in the trees, the walks on the right sides. Happy and delighted for another day, happy to share a few others stories, trips into the woods. Third party views, noses in the air, airs of lights and darkness. Sinners and saints, snakes and monkeys, cow and cattle, tales to share. Your actions and your behaviors tell the real story about who you are. I live by trying to help others because I can. Not that I want something in exchange for being a decent, kind, understanding earth angel.

Time to stand,time to shine, time to walk away, history to note, classes on the beach, rocks under the sands of time. Moot for tales, moot for views not shared, history or not, good and evil, good and bad, love and hate, horns to blow. Horns of a goat or sheep, love and hate, late for classes on goodness and mercy, deleted for the blues and sad songs, evil or nice, faces to see. Monkeys to date, freaks out for the sunny and rain, games on the beach, live for a day.  

Waters Seas and Paths Taken. Ocean Ends: Time of our lives, the best is yet to come, take my hand, we are half way there, living on a prayer. Prayers and songs to sing, jumps for joy, jump for lessons learned. Hate and love, horns to blow, hate and love horns of a goat, love and luck, dances in the air. Games of fingers out, to blame the others, family of freaks, monkeys to dodge. Monkeys in packs, donkeys in hills, dead and reborn again, frogs and fools.  

Gifts of clean air, monkeys to see, Sheri Jarrot, Queen of Whales, butch, and bitch with big mouth, stuff best with dicks ...7603601613- pussy licker, Rachel Jarrot, best pussy yet to lick, games on since birth- April 16, 1995. Best sapsuckers, for cash or credit, robbers and crooks. Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998- to date on the beaches in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Monica and Venice, RV camper Steven and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267. Reigns of frogs, Prince and Princess Rachel Jarrot, butch, butch, whales on land to date. Good times on the dark sides of the moon. Hell hounds, gifts and talents to share, oral experts of craigslists...

Just happy for dazes to change, dances in the wind on the beaches, on the boats good times. Cat and mouse games, cartoon kings, my vote to note. Cartoon Movies: Girls on beach, girls with red hoods, into the woods, fairy tales, cartoon dykes. Monkeys and frogs on green branches, dogwood trees in the woods, frogs  and freaks, cartoon dykes to swing. Jokes and laughs, joys and pains, cows and buffalo, snakes in grass to pass. Fruits and nuts, suckers two, tricks and trades, in the woods.

Veterans Housing Matters: Cash On Table: Mindset Of The Damage Veterans: Homeless Blues: Credit Issues, Cash No Credit: Out On Streets. Hotels, Motels For Sale: Veterans Blue Oceans To Create: Fingers To Hands: Searches To Complete: Locations To Build, Located, Acquired. Monkeys To Fingers, Hands To Hold, Hands To Help, Help To Build Something. Homes. Houses. Veterans Homeless Blues:Ways To Go, Houses, Homes, Veterans On The Streets, Getting Up, Battles To Win. 

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  1. friends I need some help I want to move out of California I was thinking northern Arizona or maybe northern New Mexico if any one has any knowledge of where a good place to move to I have 2 grandkids going with me so it needs to meet the needs of a
    family any suggestions I'm willing to consider thanks up front.

    Happy Dazes:πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ˜‡❤️😘🍺 Mental Trips, Mental Abuse:Three times, bitches, butches, good time
    toads, faces in the crowds. Snakes in grass, cattle cars, Upland, freaks, frogs, fools, dances in darkness
    . Jokers, Clowns, White Faces Painted In Colors, Men, Mice, Mace, Micky Mouses, Gloves Worm, Hits
    And Misses, Cartoons Dicks, Dawgs, And Donkeys, Cattle Calls Daily.